30 hour work week companies

This will be an ongoing list. If you have a company to add, feel free to email me: kwevans11@gmail.com.

The criteria: 30 hours(ish) a week. Company must be profitable.

Tower Paddle Boards

Product: Paddle Boards

Hours per week: 25 hours

Team: 10 people

“Moving my staff to a five-hour workday was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but today my employees are happier, more productive, and better invested in the business. I’ve since had incredibly high-performers at local companies send us resumes completely unsolicited. We’ve been able to recruit extremely talented people away from jobs where they were making six-figure salaries to come work at Tower for much less.” Source

Acuity Scheduling

Product: Online Scheduling Software

Hours Per Week: 30 Hours

Team: 15

“I wanted to let everyone enjoy the summer, but it just worked out well enough that we kept it throughout the year,” Zuchlinski tells CNBC. “We’ve been doing this for nearly two years now and we have the same productivity that we had during the eight-hour days.”

“The biggest role in our company is customer support, which can be emotionally draining,” the CEO says. “We’re not just trying to grind people out for hours. You need to be able to have your time off to really be fresh, show your personality, and actually be a human while offering customer support.” Source 

Toyota Center in Gothenburg Sweden

Product: Full Service Toyota Service Center

Employees: Unknown (50+)

“What we can see today is that employees are at the very least doing the same amount in the six-hour workday, often more than they did in the eight-hour day,” said Martin Banck, the service center’s director. “It’s heavy work — drilling, building engine blocks — but they have stamina, and we have more profit and customers because cars get fixed faster.” Source


Product: Search Engine Optimization

Hours Per Week: 30

Team: 20

“The company, which has 20 employees, has doubled its revenue and profit each year. Since we work fewer hours, we are constantly figuring out ways to do more with our time,” Ms. Brath said. Sitting inside their airy office, Brath’s employees checked off the ways. “We don’t send unnecessary emails or tie ourselves up in meetings,” said Thommy Ottinger, a pay-per-click specialist. “If you have only six hours to work, you don’t waste your time or other people’s time.” Source

Basecamp (in the summer)

Product: Project Management Software

Hours Per Week: 32 hours over 4 days in the summer

Team: 51

“The benefits of a six-month schedule with three-day weekends are obvious. But there’s one surprising effect of the changed schedule: better work gets done in four days than in five. When there’s less time to work, you waste less time. When you have a compressed workweek, you tend to focus on what’s important. Constraining time encourages quality time.” Source