There is most likely a story just like yours no matter how strange or peculiar your preferences are. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Can I play in the NFL as a running back if don’t like running and football? You may be Curtis Martin

Can I write fiction books, but don’t like reading fiction books? You may be Cormac McCarthy, Will Self, or William Gibson

Can I become a writer and not write every day? You may be Cheryl Strayed.  

Can I not share my goals? You may be Derek Sivers.

Can I teach people cooking at age 50? You may be Julia Child.

Can I read all day? You may be Warren Buffett.

Can I be an entrepreneur specializing in PR, but not be active on social media, write a book, start a podcast, or blog regularly? You may be Selena Soo.

Can I become an interior designer with no design experience? You may be Joanna Gaines.

Can I design furniture as an actor and former NFL Athlete? You may be Terry Crews.

Can I be president of the United States as an introvert? You may be Barack Obama.

Can I be a supermodel and be a programmer? You may be Karlie Kloss.

Can I play in the NBA and be a programmer? You may be Chris Bosh.

Can I play in the NFL and do crochet? You may be Rosey Grier.

Can I become a billionaire if I am homeless? You may be John Paul DeJoria