Seth Godin’s Startup School Project

Having read, listened, and watched numerous business books, podcasts, and videos, I found Seth Godin’s Startup School podcast to be my favorite reference for  understanding and starting a business. However, I found searching for key points difficult to find through the podcast medium. Reliable audio search unfortunately has yet to be invented. I google searched for transcripts, but they didn’t exist. After months of waiting for someone to tackle this project, I decided to do it myself.

I listened to all 15 episodes and transcribed them and then felt the transcriptions were unpleasing to read. So, I then edited the transcriptions by removing filler words, sectioned off paragraphs, removed side comments heard on the audio that took away from the reading, and added headings. Or in other words, what started as a simple transcription project advanced to an ebook project.

Overall it was a valuable experience in book design and editing. I submitted the PDF link to reddit/r/startups and redditors seemed to get use out of it as it reached #1 on the nearly 65,000 person subreddit for a few days during the link submission.

To read the PDF, click the cover below: