Intelligent Change

As Head of Growth for Intelligent Change, I lead product development, email marketing, and overall growth strategy. I have helped grow the company from a one product, low six figure revenue company to a brand focused on human performance with multiple products, and multiple seven figures in revenue.

Productivity Planner 

Most planners excel at organizing your day, but what about actually getting important work done and overcoming overwhelming to-do lists? The result was the Productivity Planner which combines a prioritized task list, the Pomodoro Technique (time-tracking), and weekly productivity reviews. I helped refine the overall design and content for the planner as well as lead the Kickstarter campaign. Our Kickstarter did 12x its funding goal and continues to be a top selling planner on Amazon.

Preview of the interior content I helped create.

Five Minute Journal for Kids 

With the success of the 300,000+ sold Five Minute Journal, we wanted to bring The Five Minute Journal to a younger audience. I led the creation of this project from start to finish. I helped refine the concept, wrote the interior, and worked with freelance designers and illustrators to nail the look and feel. In addition, I led the Kickstarter launch, doing 7x its funding goal.

Preview of the interior content I helped create.

The Five Minute Journal App

Working with developers, I helped refine the UX writing of the app, create our iTunes store listing, and lead the launch of the app. The app hit iTunes pick of the week, led to a collaboration with Starbucks, and has been downloaded 300,000+ times.

Link to iOS App 

Email Marketing + Content

When I began working with Intelligent Change, no email marketing plan existed. I build our email marketing from the ground up – from regular emailing customers via our newsletter, setting up multiple automated flows for website and customer behavior, and leading launches and promotions.

Here are some of my favorite pieces I wrote: (link)

Working with freelance designers and developers, I helped create the UX of the as well as write all copy. I am responsible for ongoing UX improvements, analytics, and A/B testing of the site.